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What Happens When Your Agency Won’t Give You Your Google Analytics Account?


How Do I Obtain Ownership Of My Google Analytics For My Business?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that allows you to analyze data and in-depth details about the consumers that visit your website. Google Analytics allows you to track the data that shows how well your website is performing overall.

Here is some of the data you can analyze from Google Analytics

• Number of visitors to your website

• The consumers Geographic Location

• Keywords and Search Queries used to find your website

• How long visitors stay on your website

• What browser consumers are using

• What type of device they used to view your website

These are just a few examples of what Google Analytics has to offer. This valuable data is a necessity when it comes to measuring the ROI (return on investment) from your website.

So great you need Google Analytics but now you must first learn how to find your Google Analytics code. Just take a deep breath and lets walk through this together.

What email did you use to get access to your Google Analytics?

It should be a Gmail account.

  1. You can login into your Gmail account. This is your email account called Gmail with Google. After you are logged in…
  2. Open a new tab in your browser then type in Google Analytics. You should now be logged into Google Analytics.
  3. While in Google Analytics if you see your website’s name as shown below in the screenshot, then you most likely have access. If you do not see this screen below then you most likely still do not have access.

Your Website Company and or Internet Marketing Agency should have already given you ownership of your Google Analytics by giving you admin access. We will review what admin access looks like below.

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Admin Access of your Google Analytics gives you all of the features and top-level administrative access you will need to manage your Google Analytics.

To Learn More About Google Analytics User Permissions Click Here

Luxury Brand Marketing Google Analytics

You should be able to Edit, Collaborate, Analyze And Manage Users with Admin Access to your Google Analytics as shown above on the right-hand side of the screenshot.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Website Company or Agency should create your Google Analytics Account and give you the Google Analytics ID as well.

Where Do I Find My Google Analytics Account ID?

When you, your Agency, or your Website Company create a Google Analytics account in Analytics, that account is given a unique ID. This unique ID is a snippet of JavaScript tracking code that is inserted in the source code for your website or app that sends data to Analytics from your website. 

For example, the unique ID would look something like this: UA-44544043-2 as we used for our example for the Ski Mountain Website. When you login into Google Analytics you should see the screen below. Some parts have been whited out for the security of the account.

If you cannot locate your Google Analytics Account through your gmail account because you do not have admin access, or if you have contacted your previous website company and or Agency and they will not give you access to your Google Analytics UA Id and a copy of your tracking code, then you can contact us at 909-333-6081 and we will help you access your situation and get you the help you need.

All Google Images And Logos Are Copyright to the Google Corporation and Parent Companies.

Google Image Search With Style Tips


Google Wants Image Search To Become Your Shopping Tool

Google Wants Its Image Search Engine Branded As A Place for You To Shop For Products.

Google Search is now providing “Style Ideas” that are similar to the product that you were originally searching in Images for. It looks like this is going to start by giving Style Tips for Fashion & Lifestyle Products. The ultimate goal is to attract the users who prefer browsing products on search engines like Google from the Images. Of course, this is also a tool to help detour you from visiting websites like Amazon and other Major Shopping Websites. Why leave when you can just be directed to what Google suggests?

I myself have used Google Image Search to shop for items for many years and am very excited to see how this Tool evolves. I love suggested item sections when they actually suggest product items that truly are similar to what I am looking for. It would be great if Google can really have the Style Tips be customized to learn what I really like as a consumer.

Of course, most women who are looking to browse images go to Pinterest for ideas regarding what should be “styled,” with similar Fashion designs and accessories.  With Pinterest you can find an item that you like online, like a designer purse for example, now you can find similar items on Pinterest without ever being on Pinterest’s Website. I love this Chrome extension,  browser tool from Pinterest. This lets you save images that you love online to Pinterest from what you find across the Internet.


Still Thinking About An E-commerce Website?



A lot of retailers are still contemplating whether or not to tackle having an E-commerce website. For most retailers, the personal experience that they provide for the customer is why they sell more products in-store. What about a consumer that already trusts your business, but does not have time to come into the store? These are the questions that Retailers are having to ask themselves when confronted with these everyday situations from their own customers.

Here are some stats below to motivate you to start thinking about looking into devising a website strategy that addresses E-commerce.

E-commerce sales are expected to grow to more than $400 billion in the next several years, with Forrester Research estimating $414.0 sales in 2018 and eMarketer estimating $491.5 in 2018.


Source: eMarketer, Forrester Research

Click Here To Read The Article

As a business owner you need to take a look at what your website, SERP results and overall online web presence are saying about your business to a potential new customer. Most consumers today are pretty sophisticated when it comes to using mobile devices, researching products online before making a purchase, seeking peer reviews, and shopping online.

Here are some of the most important takeaways about who shops online:

The conventional wisdom is that women drive shopping trends, since they control up to 80% of household spending. However, when it comes to e-commerce, men drive nearly as much spending online in the U.S. as women.

Men are more likely to make purchases on mobile devices. Fifty-seven percent of women made a purchase online in 2013, compared to 52% of men, according to a study conducted by SeeWhy. But 22% of men made a purchase on their smart phones last year, compared to 18% of women.

Millennial, those consumers aged 18 to 34, remain the key age demographic for online commerce, spending more money online in a given year than any other age group. They spend around $2,000 annually on e-commerce. This, despite having lower incomes than older adults.

Boomers and seniors have adopted mobile commerce. One in four mobile shoppers in the U.S. is over the age of 55. That’s about even with their share of the overall U.S. population.

Online shoppers tend to live in households with higher-than-typical incomes. An Experian survey found that 55% of e-commerce shoppers in the U.S. live in households with incomes above $75,000 (40% were in households earning $100,000 and above). The median household income in the U.S. is around $50,000, according to the Census.

Read more:

So where does this leave you and your business? Well hopefully a little more motivated! You do not have to run out and find a website company that will produce that E-commerce site for you in 90 days. What you should be thinking about it, is “when” you are going to integrate an e-commerce website into your Internet Marketing Strategy.






Suereea Mathews

Agency 333 – Luxury Brand Marketing
Facebook Marketing Expert
Social Media Network Power Influencer

Suereea Mathews Selected by Facebook for Small Business Education


Image Courtesy of Facebook:

Image Courtesy of Facebook:

Aucoin Hart Jewelers and Suereea Mathews, Co-CEO of Luxury Brand Marketing were chosen by Facebook to be on a Small Business Panel at the Boost Your Business Event. The Boost Your Business Event is officially, sponsored by Facebook and will be held on Tuesday April 5, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, 1500 Sugar Bowl Drive New Orleans, LA.

Facebook’s Boost Your Business Event provides businesses around the country with the most up-to-date tools, insights, and best practices for growing your business on Facebook and Instagram. Attendees also have the chance to learn from local business owners during a small business panel discussion, as well as connect with business resources in their community.

Facebook recognized Aucoin Hart Jewelers for their outstanding Social Media Presence and Facebook Fan Page. Aucoin Hart Jewelers is the Premier Jeweler of New Orleans, that has been in business since 1927. A family business operated by the second and third generations of the Aucoin family and joined by a highly skilled staff of nearly 50 top professionals, including Graduate Gemologists, Master Jewelers, award-winning designers, Rolex certified watchmakers and GIA educated sales associates.

Aucoin Hart Jewelers works with Luxury Brand Marketing and Suereea Mathews. Suereea is the Facebook Marketing Expert that has helped to create and execute the Internet Marketing strategy for Aucoin Hart Jewelers. Suereea Mathews has been an Internet Marketer in the Luxury, Fashion and Entertainment Industries for over 15 years.

“Brand Awareness through Relationship Marketing, with the power of Facebook Advertising is an incredible cost effective way to reach consumers,” Suereea Mathews stated.

If you are interested in registering to attend this event, or for more information click here:

To learn more about Aucoin Hart Jewelers click here:

To learn more about Luxury Brand Marketing click here:

Click To See PRWEB Article:

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Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users


Luxury Brand Marketing Instagram News

InstagramNews Announced that it has reached a community of users of 400 million.

The network said,

“Our community has evolved to be even more global, with more than 75 percent living outside of the US. To all the new Instagrammers: welcome! Among the last 100 million to join, more than half live in #Europe and #Asia. The countries that added the most Instagrammers include #Brazil, #Japan and #Indonesia.”

This is great news for Luxury Brands who are looking to expand their consumer reach for Luxury Buyers. What is even more impressive is how quickly the global reach for Instagram has increased in just one year.

Social Networks Growth Comparison

Facebook, the Parent Company of Instagram still by far is the largest and most active Social Network for a business looking to build brand loyalty with Consumers. The amount of users is at 1.5 Billion. Yes you read that right, Billion.

Facebook Stats:

  • 968 million daily active users on average for June 2015
  • 844 million mobile daily active users on average for June 2015
  • 1.49 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2015
  • 1.31 billion mobile monthly active users as of June 30, 2015
  • Approximately 83.1% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

Twitter has been having an identity crisis for quite some time now, especially since they are looking for a permanent CEO. I still think #Twitter is great tool for viral campaigns. There is still so much a business can utilize Twitter for. For instance: customer service, building a local network, consumer-relationship development, etc. I think with some serious focus and a strong leader (CEO), Twitter could really help businesses make an impact online.

Pinterest has just recently hit 100 million users. I also still love #Pinterest and know a lot of Retailers that receive in-store requests from product posts that they posted on Pinterest. Pinterest has a high sales conversion for products with lower end price points.

  • 100 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 42% of online adult women use pinterest
  • 92% of pinterest pins are made by women
  • 83% percent of active users prefer to follow a brand than a notable celebrity
  • 73 percent of active users prefer to follow a beauty brand than a notable makeup artist
  • 70 percent of active users prefer to follow a hair care brand rather than a notable hair stylist


INSTAGRAM Statistics Luxury Brand Marketing

Suereea’s Consultant Advice

I am a big fan of “focusing.” I tell my clients that it is best to start with one social network and that would be Facebook. Unless you are already getting sale conversions, or online leads from another social network, then stick with that. Work on one social network at a time and do it well. Once, you feel like it has developed into a brand loyal community, then try another.

The argument then, is always that the content production is so time-consuming, as well as the optimization. You still need to have all of these Social Networks in your online web presence. You can always hire a Brand Manager in-store or an outsourced Internet Marketing Agency, or both.

For My Retail Jewelers: Jewelry performs excellent on Instagram!





Suereea Mathews

Agency 333 – Luxury Brand Marketing
Facebook Marketing Expert
Social Media Network Power Influencer

Forget Cyber Monday Try Cyber Week And Even Cyber Month


The Biggest Cyber Monday Yet!

Are you a Retailer that does not offer Cyber Monday Incentives? 

These statistics will change your mind. Cyber Monday is definitely not losing its appeal with consumers. To the contrary, e-commerce sales went up 17% making it the biggest online shopping day that has been seen yet. Most e-commerce stores, decided to continue online sales for the rest of the week as well as through the end of the month.

E-commerce sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving hit $2.04 billion, up 17% compared to a year ago, according to analytics firm comScore, making it the biggest online shopping day ever, and the first to surpass $2 billion in sales. For the full five-day period, sales rose 24%, and e-commerce sales so far are running ahead of forecasts.

“Any notion that Cyber Monday is declining in importance is really unfounded, as it continues to post new historical highs and reflects the ongoing strength of online this holiday season,” said comScore Chairman Emeritus Gian Fulgoni.

The numbers come as a welcome tonic for retailers after the National Retail Federation estimated that sales, both online and in stores, over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend were a bust.

Black Friday Sales Down In-store Online Sales Skyrocket? Have you read the article Black Friday Sales Down In-store Online Sales Skyrocket? The statistics in these articles are a great way to help you plan your 2015 Internet Marketing Strategy for the 2015 Holiday Season. It is never to early, or even to late to start making this plan. Need some help to get started? Click the blue link below. Agency 333 Luxury Brand Marketing is here to help your business.

Website Audit & Internet Analysis

Having a difficult time figuring all of this Internet Stuff out?

Click Here For A Website Audit & Internet Analysis






Suereea Mathews

Agency 333 – Luxury Brand Marketing
Facebook Marketing Expert
Social Media Network Power Influencer


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