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About Suereea Mathews


Internet Marketing & Brand Identity Strategist that specializes in the Luxury Markets. Facebook Marketing Expert & Social Media Network Power Influencer.

Growth Hacker.

Suereea Mathews is a Facebook marketing expert and social media network power influencer that has established her credibility in the tech, internet marketing and luxury markets. Brands employ Suereea to influence their luxury consumer markets, as well as to grow them to have millions of consumer followers. Her technical expertise makes her a cut above the competition. Most Agencies employ technical experts to execute the internet marketing ad strategies and campaigns for their clients, Suereea is that technical and strategic expert. Suereea Mathews has been an Internet Marketer in the Luxury, Fashion and Entertainment Industries for over 15 years. This unique experience gives her the ability to take the luxury business model knowledge she has acquired, combined with the ability to blend technology strategies and Internet marketing tools, to sell luxury products and services online, send companies online to in-store sales leads, and or to have the phone ring with a consumer who has a product inquiry on the other end of the line.

Her portfolio boasts Growth Hacking for Brands in the Luxury Retail Industry, helping them to grow mass Consumer Communities online. She is able to retain cost per click acquisitions from penny impressions to $0.1¢ per consumer acquisition. Suereea’s clientele love that she is budget conscientious and helps them too mature into a larger ad spend. Suereea can show a client their ROI through their Internet Marketing Investments. Not only can she grow large viral consumer followings, she also has the ability to strategize your entire Internet Marketing Strategy from your Website to In-store conversions. Whether it be products, services, B2B or B2B2c. Suereea is one of the CEO’s of Luxury Brand Marketing, a company that focuses on helping clients build their Online Web Presence and Brand Identity Online.

Latest Career Highlights

2018- 2019

2019 has been a big year of growth for Agency 333 DBA Luxury Brand Marketing. This year we have really focused on training our team members, partners, and clientele about all of the latest Facebook, Google, and Social Network algorithm updates. We will be launching new education training initiatives so stay tuned.

In 2018 Suereea Mathews went to Facebook Headquarters in East Palo Alto Menlo Park and took part in training and education for the latest social media marketing techniques and tools.


Suereea was asked by JCK to speak about the changes in Internet Marketing, “How to Attract More Prospects Online & Convert Them Into Sales.” Suereea also helped to place Yelp as a speaker at JCK. Although Jewelry Retailers have mixed feelings about Yelp, it is still a great way to educate ones self about Yelp in conjunction with your business online.

Suereea was asked by Facebook to speak at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. She represented Aucoin Hart Jewelers as well as Luxury Brand Marketing at the official New Orleans, “Facebook Boost Your Business” event. Suereea has also participated in Facebook Events in Miami, Tampa, and other locations.

Suereea Mathews was asked to speak at the first ever JIS Education Series at the Miami Beach Convention Center about The Many Facets of Internet Marketing.


Suereea and Tyler Mathews visit with Brands and Retail Jewelry stores to educate them and their staff on marketing strategy, internet marketing training, technical implementation and education.


Agency 333 is founded by Suereea Mathews.

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