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Suereea’s SeaWorld Orlando Guide


I have created a simple guide for friends, family and anyone else that would like to visit SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

Purchasing Tickets

Here is the pricing for the Single Day Park Tickets. I do not use third-party to purchase park tickets. I have heard too many stories about issues people encountered with them.

We chose the Single-Park Ticket + All-Day Dining – Advance Purchase Discount. If you purchase the tickets the day before, you save money. You will also definitely save money on food per person by adding the dining option as the food pricing was quite a bit for a family of 5. So this way you save money per person and they can eat all day.

Here are the small print details which is also located at the link above:

“Adults can redeem 1 entree (excluding Baby Back Ribs), 1 side OR 1 dessert & 1 regular sized non-alcoholic beverage (excluding Naked Juice) & Children (Ages 3-9) can redeem Kids meals each time through the line.”

Note: This all-day dining purchase is only valid for the day that you go.

Upgrades, Rides, Shows & Animal Tours

Upgrade Your Day Dining

Animal Tours

Upgrade Your Day Rides & Shows

If you do not want to wait in line for the rides, here is a great upgrade option for you: Signature Show Seating + Quick Queue Unlimited.

Gabe’s favorite as a 5-year-old was definitely Antartica: Empire of the Penguin. This is a must see if you have little children. They will absolutely love it.

Planning Your Day At Seaworld

Parking Costs:

Parking at cost $17-$20 prices can vary.

Park Hours:

SeaWorld Orlando Park Hours

Park Map:

SeaWorld Orlando Park Map


Try to see them all if you can, we enjoyed every single show. They were all amazing featuring animals of all different kinds. The shows were definitely our favorite part about visiting SeaWorld Orlando.

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