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Maker Faire in Orlando, Florida is located at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. It’s an event where people show what they are making and share what they are learning. We had some friends that attended this event in years past. Now that my youngest son, was a little bit older, we thought that this was the perfect year to attend.

We started the morning off with a LEGO Workshop by iBrick Academy. The focus was on LEGO Education, which is a series our family is very excited about. It does have a common core curriculum, which many parents have different thoughts on. LEGO is a very big part of our life, so we are going to try the Story Starter Curriculum Pack. During the Workshop, they boys worked on math problems. They really enjoyed it! As a lot of Moms’ with boys understand, you will try anything to keep them excited about learning as they get older.

Here is one of iBrick Academy’s Creations.



The Robots were amazing. They came in all different shapes, sizes and colors. My boys love Robots! We have some really cool Maker Projects that we are going to start working on this year. This one is my favorite because they are all so cute!

IMG_3519 (1)

Each floor has Makers that are exhibiting. So there is a lot to see and activities to participate in. Here is a great video, check it out.


This is a once a year event, every Fall. So you have plenty of time to prepare for your trip to Maker Faire Orlando.

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Google maps link to Central Florida Fairgrounds on Hwy 50 (West Colonial Drive), minutes West of I-4.


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